A Republic Saved

A Republic Saved

November 8th, 2016, this nation was thrust upon the edge of a precipice, up to the neck in corruption and bound with the chains of tyranny. It seemed as if there was no help, no salvation; no chance remained for this land to remain free.

This changed, as at approximately 1:30 A.M. of the following day, victory was assured. Donald J. Trump had won.

This great stroke of Providence, this opportune reprieve, was surely the hand of God; we must be eternally grateful to our Maker. This election, as Trump put so elegantly, was “not a campaign, but a movement.”

The movement’s motto? “Make America Great Again!”

It’s philosophy is one of liberty, nationalism, truth and hope. It is one of justice, of the rule of law. It is a philosophy of “we the people,” upon the principles of Almighty God. Donald Trump, with all his faults, has resurrected the great American spirit.

So, we move forward. We nation of deplorables, we great throng of irredeemables, are the first hand actors in the greatest movement in history. The info war is not for the faint of heart, not for the sunshine soldier. With prayers to God, we will move forward, united as a nation, the leaders of resistance against globalism and tyranny.

God Bless America!


The Illusion of Democracy

The Illusion of Democracy

Democracy has been held up within the Western world as the greatest form of government that we as a nation could wish for. With democracy, the elite claim the ultimate force is the will of the people.

However, as in Greek democracies, the rule of law today is somehow being eroded, as “the mob” votes for whomsoever they choose. Politics becomes a game; who will promise more entitlements and spend more? Who will promise the greedy, military industrial complex more wars to line their own pockets? Which candidate is the more corrupt, an easier figurehead to sway?

In this manner, the “will of the people” swiftly becomes the will of bankers and private interests, even the interests of foreign countries. So how do these financiers and special interests sway the masses, the majority, to vote and act as they the elite choose?

First, through public schooling, since it is the most effective tool to train young minds. In order to create a manipulatable mob, you must first destroy their ability to think for themselves. This goal is achieved in multiple ways.

  • A false teaching of mathematics, especially Common Core Math, makes learning the logic of math extremely difficult, and the pursuit of a logical understanding of the subject is stifled in the child’s mind. Robbed of logical mathematics, it becomes difficult to apply logic to other areas in one’s life.
  • Teaching the student to read, not through the eyes of the author, but through the glasses of cultural Marxism. The reader is taught to look for certain agendas and themes, and to approach the book with those programmed agendas in mind, once again robbing the student of the ability to think for one’s self.

There are many other ways that public schools seek to “school” their students rather than educate them, but it would take an essay for each one of these methods. In my mind, the failure to teach critical thinking in the public school system is the fundamental issue that the others tend to originate from.

Second, the controlled media as an effective tool of the elite. Without the ability to think for themselves, people look to look solely for what to think from the biased, leftist mainstream media. Yellow journalists play on people’s emotions, rather than their reason, to convince the masses of what opinions they should hold to. Fortunately, this means of control is becoming less and less effective as people wake up to the lies they are being told.

Third, celebrity endorsements, either of candidates or world views. Celebrities hold tremendous influence over young people, who begin to look up to and idolize these persons as mentors in their lives. When Katy Perry endorses Hillary Clinton, her worshippers automatically agree with her decision. This is because a celebrity does not appeal to reason and logic, they appeal mainly to the emotions of their supporters.

Finally, the fourth method is the most subtle, and that is the failsafe of voter fraud. Should the people push past the idols, peer pressure, public schooling, and venture beyond the 3×5 political position they are told they should have, and attempt to elect someone they chose, the elite’s will still carry out their agenda. Recently, Bev Harris revealed that elections are now predetermined and rigged through percentages determined beforehand. For a more detailed explanation, watch this video from Black Box Voting.

“It’s a product. It’s scaleable. It learns its environment and can adjust to any political environment, any demographic. It runs silently, invisibly, and can produce plausible results that pass for the real thing.” ~ Bev Harris

So, we now ask the question; is democracy really rule by, for, and of the people? Or is it merely a sham to keep the masses quiet and subdued while the technocracy achieve their purpose of world government?

I think so.

Democracy is simply a tool. It is a tool of control, an illusion of people’s rule. It allows the oligarchy to rule with the consent of the governed, without challenge or restraint because the people do not see that they are really the players, not the figureheads they elect. Using several, select means of mind control, they achieve the goal of absolute power and world government, slowly but surely.

Is the Economy Benefited by War?

Is the Economy Benefited by War?

Many journalists and even economists believe that war benefits the economies of the nations in a state of war. The classic example is WWII, wherein the economy seemed to skyrocket and the unemployment level was constantly falling. But, was America’s economy, as well the consumers, really benefited by the Second World War?

Lets take a look at some of the actions taken by the government during the war. First, the powers that be arbitrarily created price ceilings on consumer goods. They also began rationing to American households the consumer goods that were being produced, along with many other similar regulations.
After the war began, all the unemployed laborers that were fired due to the Great Depression were suddenly employed by the government… to go fight in the war. Imagine if all of the skilled workers in a society were suddenly deported, given rifles, and most of them killed off? Guess what that would do the economy back home? First, teenagers and women, suddenly forced into the workforce, many of them with no experience in the tasks they now had to preform, would be, and were, thrown into the factories and miscellaneous technical jobs the men left behind, as well as the society’s older men. The older men had the experience, but sharply reduced performance and output compared to the young men off killing and being killed overseas.
Not long after the war began, the American economy was transformed. Over 40% of the American workforce was working for the government either overseas or in factories either fighting or building weapons and munitions for the war effort. These workers aren’t even producing consumer goods that benefit the average individual… they’re making items useful only for the war effort. And, to make things worse, they have to be paid to do this harmful (economically speaking) set of activities by the remaining 60% of the population who are actually creating useful consumer goods.

Well, it was a totally genius idea. We can take care of all the unemployed hanging around soup kitchens by rounding them up, slapping them into a tragic, and many times fatal war. Again, just totally brilliant. Much of Europe was demolished, and the Allied economies irreparably harmed. The war being necessary is ultimately not important. The facts are clear; war did not benefit the economy. Instead, it took away most of the economies skilled laborers, and then killed many of them, damaging the future of the consumer economy.

To add insult to injury, the economy during the war is not an example of a peace-time economy. The economy, as I mentioned, was completely propped up by the government, exactly as it was in Nazi controlled Germany (the irony). Imagine if the government declared that pizza was $500 dollars each, and then it said that it would buy three billion pizzas a year? All the pizza places would do very well indeed, and it would seemingly jack up the economy… but that doesn’t mean anything. Real figures that actually mean something are when people buy and sell willingly. Don’t take a citizen’s money to buy something that they could care less for, at least in the quantity its being produced.

Thus, the WWII American or world economy, or any war economy for that matter, cannot, and should not be used as an example in support of war benefiting the economy. Instead, it is the greatest example of a once free economy being hijacked and systematically destroyed by its government… all in the name of supporting freedom and democracy for the world.

It is best put in the words of Major Butler.

“WAR is a racket. It always has been.

It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

 A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small “inside” group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

~ Major General Smedley Butler, War Is A Racket

Where Is Thy Faith?

Where Is Thy Faith?

Here is a short story entered by me in the ACE Carolina Regional Student Convention.

      He fell. The rope that bound his wrists prohibited him from stopping his fall, and with a groan, he landed on the Roman earth. Just then, a whip cracked, adding another to the welts already crisscrossing his back.     “Get up! Or do you desire to be fed to the lions a day early?”

     A calloused, scarred hand roughly pulled Marcus to his feet. “We’re here,” the voice said again. The very sound of that voice filled Marcus with terror, but nothing could prepare him for what he was about to witness.

     The soldier abruptly removed the sack from over Marcus’ head. His heart leaped in shock, and he took it all in. The sounds of cruel laughter, the cracking of the whips, the screams of agony, fear, and despair; and the deeper, angrier roaring of the hungry and imprisoned lions. Marcus shivered, knowing he and whoever else shared in his misfortune, would soon be the meal of those beasts.

     Before he could think on his certain doom any longer, Marcus was once again grabbed by the nape of the neck, and shoved down a dark corridor. They passed by the lions and tigers Marcus had heard, and those infuriated creatures charged at him, unheeding in their fury of the strong bars which held them back.

     And then, through a door, past more men just as vile in appearance and demeanor as the one now holding Marcus, they entered a large crypt. It was spacious, dirty, with barred openings in its ceiling that let in blinding rays of sunlight. He was then thrown down, and the guard left with an oath and a sharp kick to Marcus, who collapsed again with a moan.

      “Hello, young man. Who might you be?”

     Marcus held his throbbing stomach with one hand, and pushed himself up against one of the many cold stone walls. He looked up into the eyes of a kind old man.

     “I am Marcus,” he said at last. “I am a Christian, and was arrested by the soldiers and brought here mere hours ago. They also took my mother and brother.”

     Several more figures approached from the shadows closer to where Marcus and the old man were seated. They gathered under one of the iron barred skylights, and their eyes were full of sympathy and caring.

     “We welcome you,” said the man. “I only wish it were under better circumstances.” His voice betrayed to Marcus no fear or anger. Marcus was puzzled. Of all the group there, no one, young or old, showed any fear, or bitterness.

     “How are you all so calm?” he asked, after some discussion. The old man, who seemed to be the leader of the group, smiled.

     “We have all lost our earthly freedom and possessions. But one thing we still have, that the sword and the lash can never take away; and that is our faith in Jesus Christ! Remember our Lord’s promises! He said, ‘I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.’ Oh, Marcus, where is your faith!” The man’s face was sincere, and Marcus took no thought of offense, but he did not reply. The man’s words had struck a chord, and Marcus thought intently upon what the other believers told him.

     The beams of light entering through the narrow skylights now began to fade, eventually disappearing entirely. The old man then led the little band in prayer, and Marcus listened intently. After it was quite dark, he fell asleep.

     Morning came too soon. Guards burst in, and seizing them, nearly dragged them up the steps again, out into the blinding sunlight. The mob, seated above, filled the air with hateful yells, and the encouraged guards beat them even more than before. They were led across the amphitheater until they arrived at an elevated and regal throne.

      The man sitting upon it stood. He had a royal demeanor, but his face was cruel, and Marcus knew there was no pity in Caesar’s heart. Just before the group was an altar, and to it the Emperor pointed.

     “Choose,” he said. “If you will pour out an oblation to Jupiter and the blessed gods of Rome, I will spare your lives. If not, you will be devoured where you stand.”

      For a moment, silence filled the air. Marcus considered. If he did the simple thing that the Emperor asked him, he could go free. Maybe he could even see his mother and brother again. If he didn’t, he would be torn apart by lions. His heart raced, but then, he remembered what the old man, standing so calmly next to him, had said. Marcus felt courage well up in his heart, and he knew what he must do. He nodded firmly to the other believers. “We cannot accept his offer,” he said.

     The old man now spoke. “Jesus said that if we denied Him on earth, He would deny us in heaven,” and then he turned toward the throne. “We cannot accept your offer, oh most gracious Caesar,” he said, and the others said the same.

     Caesar’s visage was twisted with a look of disgust and anger. “Very well,” he said, and sat down.

     At that moment, the doors to the cages of the animals opened. Out leapt the snarling beasts, running wildly around the group, attempting to claw out of the arena. Seeing they could not do so, they then turned to the little band, now in the center of the arena. But, Marcus did not notice, and the cacophony of screams and roaring around him were drowned out, for his eyes were fixed to the sky. There, he saw the heavens opened, and Jesus holding out his hand. Angels swept down to him, and a peace filled his soul, just as it had just a few moments past.

     And then, it was over. A Voice spoke to Marcus, and he smiled, even as his body fell to the ground, bleeding.

     “Thy faith hath saved thee… welcome into the joy of thy Lord!”